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Hosting large volume of conferences and exhibitions every year, Hong Kong has a highly established exhibition platform. These various channels have helped leveraged the effectiveness of the promotion of death care education and green burial. Over the years, Sage has taken part in a large number of exhibitions targeting senior citizens and retirees. Through these exhibitions, Sage has been able to enhance its target audience’s understanding towards green burial and cremation ashes gemstones.

As Sage has been commissioned by the HKSAR government to provide sea scattering services in Hong Kong in recent years, we have taken the opportunity to demonstrate garden burial and sea burial through these various exhibitions, resolving the public’s fear and misunderstanding towards green burial, and to enhance the public’s acceptance of cremation ashes gemstones.

6-8 Jul 2019

50 Plus Expo 2019 (Retiree & Senior Fair)

6-8 Jul 2018 50 Plus Expo (Retiree & Senior Fair)

7-9 Jul 2017 50 Plus Expo 2019 (Retiree & Senior Fair)