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Sage Eternity Gem Services Ltd takes the pride and credit of being the first entity to pioneer and introduce the Ashes into Gem Technology in Hong Kong since 2011, to create man-made memorial        gemstones – MEMENTO, from cremated ashes by applying the unique process of utilizing state-of-the-art technology from Europe and Asia. This advancing technology enables bereaved families to extend a unique and timeless connection with their deceased loved ones close to their hearts. 

Our process will turn ashes of the deceased into personalised gems. Each order is tailor-made and handled with care and love. There is a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from. This jewellery with 18 karat gold setting or memorial piece will act as a remembrance of the loss of our loved ones. Although they have crossed over to the other side, our bonds with them can still be long-lasting.


While maintaining the essence of its traditional custom and value, MEMENTO dedicates to inspire and revolutionize the current funeral industry by setting new benchmarks to its ethos and age-old practice through innovative adaptation and modern technology, accomplished with a quality professional management fashion. The Company also advocates for redefining the customary way of bereavement and to saying goodbye to a deceased loved one.

MEMENTO endeavours to make it possible for bereaved families to reunite and maintain a continued connection with their deceased loved ones in a discreet and dignified way, and to keep a lasting memory in the form of a tangible and wearable piece of fine jewellery. 


While demonstrating trustworthiness, reliability and transparency, Memento excels as a forefront advocator to introducing innovative concepts and creative ideas through advancing technology. Each piece of our creation is skillfully crafted with a heartfelt devotion to the attention to detail at its finest and highest possible standard. With a sophisticated internal documentation and management system enables us to issue a certificate of quality and keep track of every single detail of each personalised memorial gemstone created.

MEMENTO emphases on simplicity, not complexity in communicating to our Clients. The Company is also committed to ensuring our Team of devoted Workers to adhere to a strict code of conducts by setting a new standard to their behaviours and values to their thinkings, that is to be genuinely caring and compassionate in understanding and serving our clients and their families.

By setting our workshop locally in Hong Kong, Memento provides convenient and efficient service at its best. Family members are welcomed to monitor the gem creation process on-site, which will eliminate any doubts or concerns it may arise. Also, we try to set an affordable price on each one of them for more people benefit and keep these gems close to them.

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