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Q:How much ash is needed to transform into ashes gem? 

A:We need at least 15 grams of ashes, different models will be varied.

Q : Can you turn all the cremated ashes into ashes gems?

A : We can do the transforming of the full body cremated ashes into a ashes gemstones. 

Q:What will be the colour of the ashes gem ?

A:We prefer the natural color of the ashes gems, they appear in white, grey or green, in a few cases it happens to be dark colour. Color variation is normal due to the composition of elements in the cremated ashes.


Q:Where are the ashes gem produced and cut?

A:In our workshop in Hong Kong.

Q:How does the production work?

A:Our specialist begin by purify the cremated ashes by removing various substances with our unique technology. We then homogenize the ashes with our biogenic ingredients and fuse them at the temperature over 800°C into ashes gem.

Q:What should I do if the ashes gem is damaged?

A:Our customer service team will assess the damage and provide a solution for each case.

Q:How long for the production of an ashes gem?

A:It takes 60 – 90 days.

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